Impactful Book on Your Relationship With God

Life can be complicated and confusing, but it shouldn’t be without hope and understanding. Author Rick Pribell’s book Imagine God helps those looking for clarity, comfort, and answers make a connection with God’s spirit. Through this inspiring book on your relationship with God, you can acquire more understanding of how your human emotions relate to your spirituality and your relationship with deity.

Understanding Your Relationship With God

If you’ve recently been through a major life event that has brought your relationship with God into question, or if you wonder whether there is a God, Imagine God by Rick Pribell is the handbook that will help you gain clarity, understanding, and faith. Regardless of your religious beliefs or affiliations, you won’t find a more original and impactful book on your relationship with God.

Read and study Imagine God by Rick Pribell to bring enlightenment and recognition into your life as you begin to understand the integral connection between God’s spirit and your own emotions. As you read, you will begin to comprehend what it means to be created in God’s image. You will also be able to reflect on any unresolved issues in your life with a new perspective, build the foundation of a relationship with God, and come to learn more about Him.

Understanding Your Journey

Everyone’s journey on Earth is unique and personal. Learning about God will aid you in this journey and fill you with hope. Imagine God by Rick Pribell will guide you through your journey, allow you to reflect on your progress so far, and make any changes you feel are necessary.

If you want to find out if God is real, resolve unwanted feelings such as betrayal, or improve your relationship with God, read Rick Pribell's Imagine God. Order your copy today and start your personal journey toward making sense of life. Simply go to our Order Now page to begin.


Imagine God

Develop a personal relationship with God

At a time when Scientific American reports 23 percent of us have forsaken religion entirely, Imagine God demonstrates how God is revealed through our emotional responses to common experiences.

Is it merely a coincidence that we share the same feelings and emotions? Or, do they exist by design? Pribell’s unique message is that our emotions and God’s spirit are connected. Exploring this is the key to achieving a more personal relationship with the one and only God – your God.

By the end of this book, you will be able to

  • recognize God and begin to know Him better, regardless of your faith
  • understand what it really means to be created “in His own image”
  • contemplate unresolved issues with new insight
  • reflect on your experiences in a divine way
  • enlighten others